Before and After

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


It's been a year since I hit maintenance, but I'm still adjusting. At first I was shocked to see my reflection in windows. For years I avoided looking in store windows for fear of seeing my reflection. When I got closer to goal I started peeking. Then when I hit goal I found myself fascinated with it. Lately I've been wanting to see myself in pictures. For years I avoided the camera, even destroying most of the pictures of myself. I think it helps with the adjustment to take pictures and really look at them, helps the mind catch up with the body.
It's taking some time, but I'm adjusting.
How long has it taken you to adjust to the new you?

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  1. It took a long time, and there are times when I am still surprised by pictures I see! And, it's been 12 years + for me now! Great job on the one year of maintenance - that's what it is all about.


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