Before and After

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Shape wear flashback

I was digging through a drawer looking for a swimsuit bottom when I found these lovely things...

Size 2x spanx-like undergarments. I guess I overlooked that drawer quite a few times when cleaning things out.
Oh my, looking at these brought back some painful memories!
I didn't wear these to smooth things out, I wore them to save my inner thighs. I gain weight in my lower half, which leads to terrible chafing. I've always been a pantyhose wearer, never feel fully dressed without them- I know I'm dating myself here :)
If you mix pantyhose with very large thighs you have a ...(TMI Alert!)... Bloody mess:(
These things saved my thighs, they worked much better than the huge band aids which never stayed put. I will never forget struggling to get these things up and down in the heat of the summer, awful!

After four years of maintenance it's easy to start taking things for granted. 
Last night I wore a skirt with heels and hose and I really enjoyed being able to walk with nothing rubbing.
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